Reliable, affordable radio automation
You need slick, clever radio automation software?
You need AudioEnhance DPS!
Easy config
Our radio automation
software solution is easy
to set up from the get-go.

There's no nasty config
files -- everything is in a
modern Windows
interface and DPS boasts
many configurable
Easy to use
DPS radio automation
boasts a very
simple-to-use user
interface. Drag and drop
songs, commercials,
jingles and IDs from either
the playlist into a player,
or use the 'image buttons'
to instantly play the
chosen audio on air.
AudioEnhance DPS is
now a mature and trusted
radio automation
, running all over
the world ,24/7. A truly
dependable radio
automation solution for
either full automation or
for manual playout by live
With auto overlay options
-- even in full automation,
voice tracking options,
intros, segues, outros,
DPS is still the slickest
sounding radio automation
program out there!
Voice-overs will
automatically hit the
vocals every time!
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radio automation software!
Customer Testimonials
A radio station in one
software package - DPS
fits the bill and performs
I've never heard anything
automate so well...I just
love the way my voicers
always hit the vocals!
Great radio automation
software and fantastic
support -- just the
features I need!
Fully featured radio automation software
All the features you need for a complete radio automation solution:

- Assign playback to multiple devices, as required.

- Add thousands of songs, jingles, IDs and more to a fully-searchable and sortable

- Plays all popular file formats. Categorize, format your station. Increase revenue
through highly targeted programming, suited exactly to your station!

Sounding slick...

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