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Audio Compressor / Limiter: 3-band  , limited offer: £ 49.00 (US$ 79.19)     
A 3-band, stereo audio compressor/ limiter (audio processor) for quality, consistent audio output for your station!

TriBand software audio processing. Featuring:
  •  easy adjustments (simply "more" or "less" on a  wide range of settings). Carefullly calibrated in dB. Implemented as a Winamp plugin, compatible with our SoundRouter product.
  • Compatible with our economy radio automation solution, DJ-Serv;
  • Has input broadband AGC to act as "a slow hand the pot" to make your station sound best;
  • Followed by a three-band bass, middle and treble (LF, MF, HF) compressor/limiter for nice consistent audio without any nasty side-effects.
  • . Finally has an output chain so you can adjust for the correct output volume, which includes optional clipping if you need to sound LOUD!
  • Also has optional bass boost, and stereo widening for great audio...

        Download the free trial demo from here