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AudioEnhance Digital Playout System (DPS): For Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server
Radio Automation software: radio studio, internet radio, satellite broadcasters, hospital radio, pubs and more!
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We offer various radio automation software products for slick, professional radio automation either fully automated,  fully attended (with a live presenter in situ), or somewhere in between (manual assist).
AudioEnhance Digital Playout System
Radio Automation system, full control of playback of mp3, some wav file formats and wma files.

Pricing: Depends on use. Private home use starts approx. 150 GBP. Internet radio use from 450 GBP.
Full Professional radio studio use from 2000 GBP. Contact us for a quote!

Simple playlist creation possible with just the playout system (although for full control, we suggest the use of our radio station scheduling software, see below)
radio automation: audioenhance dps
AudioEnhance Radio Station Scheduling Software
radio scheduler software
Radio Station Scheduling Software. Scientific and diverse automated daily playlist creation, based on categories and rules. Integrates with the main DPS product above.

Schedule jingles, commercials, overlays, IDs. Use as a simple traffic scheduler - ensure the right advertiser gets the right adverts played at the right time!

Pricing: Depends on usage. Home usage starting from around 200 GBP. Small operations (internet radio, community radio stations) pay an intermediate price. Contact us for a quote!
radio automation software free download
radio automation software free download
AudioEnhance Broadcast audio processing software (Compressor/limiter - multiband)
radio automation software free download
Software specifically designed to keep your station sounding technically professional by keeping audio levels constant, despite any variations you have in volume on the tracks you actually play. Adds sparkle and bottom end (optionally) and features adjustments to allow you to tailor your 'station sound'. Can be used as a Winamp plugin (DSP) or under DirectX in our SoundRouter product
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